February 9th-10th, 2024

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Keynote Speakers

Luis Almagro


Rosanna Ramos-Velita

Duane Hughes


Vicente Brocchetto

Paulo Passoni

Valor Capital Group

Vicente Brocchetto

Caroline Merin


 Panelists & Moderators

Capitalizing on the Latam Advantage: Investing for Growth and Opportunity

Connecting the Americas: Exploring Nearshoring for the US Market in Latin America

Paving the Path: The Future of the Spanish-Speaking Economy in the US

Bridging the Divide: Harnessing tech for Poverty Alleviation in Latam

Latam Growth Catalysts: Innovative strategies for development in Latin America

Pathways to Inclusion: Empowering Latinos in the United States

Trailblazing Succes: Stories of Latino Leadership in Corporate America

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