The Wharton Latin American Conference is the world’s largest LATAM conference organized by MBA students. We are a 100% student-led organization composed of 20+ students from The Wharton School, ranked the world’s #1 business school by USNews.

We have the support of all LATAM student organizations: Wharton Latin American Student Association, Wharton Hispanic American Association, and Wharton Latino (undergraduate).

Keynote Speakers

Walter Bayly Llona

Edrizio de la Cruz

 Panelists & Moderators


From first check to ringing the bell:
The fundraising path of LatAm Companies in US markets

Seeking Returns in LatAm:
What drives investors to look at the region?

Entrepreneurship & Growth

Expanding in the Americas:
Challenges and opportunities to growing in LatAm

Kicking Off:
Growing LatAm’s Relevance in the Global Football World

Sustainability & Inclusion

Fuel for Thought:
Exploring Energy Resources in LatAm

Latinas in Power :
Females Change the Face of the Region

Our mission

Establish an open and multicultural forum to generate and discuss ideas about the future of Latin America.

Debate key business opportunities and challenges of our region.

Generate a concrete path forward toward economic development, social equality, and political stability.

our values

Diversity & inclusion

Leverage the many nationalities, cultures, and people that compose LATAM to foster knowledge sharing and to promote further integration of our region.

Value delivery

Leverage the academic powerhouse of The Wharton School to identify solutions that are based on facts and research, and that will deliver value for LATAM.


Build stronger bonds between academia, private, public, and civil sectors to ensure that all sides take ownership of their responsibilities.


The Wharton Latin American Conference is the world’s largest LATAM conference organized by MBA students. Our Objectives are to promote open discussions about the most salient business topics in LATAM countries and entrepreneurship and the development of local Latin American startups.

Our Objectives are to promote:

  • Open discussion about the most salient business topics in LATAM countries, connecting businesses, governments, academia, organizations, and the region’s top talent
  • Entrepreneurship and the development of local Latin American startups by generating networking opportunities for speakers, panelists, faculty members, students, and companies interested in LATAM


The Wharton Latin American Student Association (WHALASA) is a student-led club that connects Wharton MBA students with the region, allowing them to stay involved in Latam’s business landscape, macro trends, job opportunities and culture. The club’s mission is to promote an open dialogue on the region’s challenges and opportunities within the global context, while generating networking prospects and strengthening the Latin American community.


The Wharton Hispanic-American MBA Association (WHAMBAA) represents all MBA who identify as Hispanic-American and/or Latinx-American at Wharton, as well as those who want to join our familia! WHAMBAA serves as a cultural, social, academic, and professionals resources hub for its members. WHAMBAA supports and engages members with social events, academic tutoring, mentoring, thought leadership, and targeted, professional development services.