Keynote Speakers

Rosanna Ramos-Velita







From first check to growth: The fundraising path of LatAm firms in the US

It is prevalent for LatAm companies to tap the US capital markets to obtain funding at more favorable conditions or to provide liquidity to their shareholders. Every year, companies resort to that market for the first time. But what is the best way for a LatAm company to reach US investors?

How do these companies position themselves in front of investors unfamiliar with the industry and market dynamics in Latin America? At what stage should a company start building relationships with these investors (e.g., through roadshows) to ensure a smooth process?

Paving the Path: The Future of the Spanish-Speaking Economy in the US

Explore the exciting possibilities and challenges for the Spanish-speaking economy in the United States in this thought-provoking panel discussion. With the growing influence and economic power of Spanish-speaking communities, this session aims to dissect the potential avenues for growth, innovation, and collaboration within this dynamic sector. Join our distinguished panelists as they share their expertise, insights, and visionary perspectives on the future of the Spanish-speaking economy in the US

Capitalizing on the Latam Advantage: Investing for Growth and Opportunity

Discover the untapped investment opportunities and explore the potential of Latin America’s dynamic and rapidly evolving market. This panel discussion brings together industry experts, investors, and business leaders to delve into the unique advantages, challenges, and strategies involved in investing in Latin America. Join us as we uncover the diverse sectors, emerging trends, and key considerations that make Latin America a promising investment destination.

What makes Latin America an attractive market for US investors? What is it that investors can find in the region that differentiates it from other emerging markets? This panel looks to get into the roots of why US investors (from VCs to PEs) choose to allocate resources towards actively seeking investments in LatAm.

Triumphs and Trials: Unveiling the Latino Journey in Corporate America

Join us for an engaging and enlightening panel discussion that delves deep into the challenges faced by Latinos in their quest to succeed in Corporate America. Is there a chance, and how to make it? Our esteemed panelists, who have triumphed over adversity and broken barriers, will share their personal experiences, insights, and strategies for navigating the corporate landscape. This session aims to shed light on the unique struggles and triumphs that Latinos encounter, while also highlighting the immense contributions they bring to the business world.

Expanding in the Americas: Challenges and opportunities to growing in LatAm

For Latin American companies, there is immense opportunity to expand into other markets. Every day, we see more companies internationalizing within the region, e.g., Brazilian companies to Mexico, Argentinean to Colombia. These companies position better than global competitors because of cultural similarities. In addition, by establishing a presence in multiple countries, companies can benefit from earning revenue in foreign currencies and reducing their exposure to local political instability. On the other hand, there is a growing digitized customer base in Latin America that American companies have started to look to as a lucrative expansion opportunity.

How do companies adapt to entering a new market with different types of customers? What other challenges does this expansion pose?

Empowering Energy: Unleashing the Potential of Latin America’s Resources

Latin America is rich in energy resources. The region produces, processes, and exports fossil fuels and has an enormous potential to generate renewable power. 

With sustainability becoming more important than ever in the energy space, what steps have Latin American countries taken toward the energy transition? What are the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition in Latam?

Are there any regulations or funding techniques from the US that can apply to the Latin American landscape?

Unearthing Opportunities: Exploring the Riches of Latin America’s Mining Sector

Through this engaging and enlightening panel, participants will gain a holistic view of Latin America’s mining sector, its vast potential, and the need for sustainable practices. Join us as we unearth the opportunities that lie within the region’s rich mining resources and explore the path towards a responsible and prosperous mining industry in Latin America.

What are the sustainable practices that are being put in place? What is the social impact of mining companies? How have different governments managed to improve it?

Connecting the Americas: Exploring Nearshoring for the US Market in Latin America

Discover the vast potential and advantages of nearshoring as a strategic business model for accessing the US market through Latin America. This panel discussion will delve into the intricacies, benefits, and challenges associated with nearshoring, offering valuable insights and practical advice to businesses seeking to leverage Latin American resources, talent, and market proximity. Join our expert panelists as they share their experiences, perspectives, and strategies for successful nearshoring ventures.

Kicking Off: Growing LatAm’s Relevance in the Global Football World

Latin America has long been recognized for its passionate culture around football and for producing some of the most talented football players in history. While football clubs and leagues from the region have not had the same impact in world football as the region’s players, success stories are becoming more and more frequent. This panel explores the challenges that clubs / leagues in the region face in their quest towards becoming a successful global franchise, and the key differentiating factors that have driven success stories in recent years.

Bridging the Divide: Harnessing tech for Poverty Alleviation in Latam

Explore the transformative power of technology and economic development in uplifting the lives of the underprivileged communities in Latin America. In this thought-provoking panel, industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners will come together to discuss innovative approaches, success stories, and challenges in leveraging technology and sustainable economic strategies to alleviate poverty. Join us as we delve into this crucial topic and envision a future where technology and economic empowerment create positive social change in Latin America.

Latinas Business Leaders in LatAm and the US: Breaking the glass ceiling

Celebrate the remarkable achievements and leadership of Latinas in the world of business across Latin America and the United States. The panel “Latinas Business Leaders in LatAm and the US” will showcase the inspiring journeys, invaluable insights, and groundbreaking contributions of Latina entrepreneurs and executives. Join us for an empowering session that explores the unique challenges, triumphs, and strategies employed by these trailblazers in forging their paths to success. 

How have these women overcome with barriers? What are the differences across the continent? What messages do they have for the new generation of women in business?

Pathways to Inclusion: Empowering Latinos in the United States

Join us for an enlightening and engaging panel discussion that delves into improving inclusion for Latinos in the United States. The session will bring together experts, advocates, and community leaders to explore the challenges faced by the Latino community and identify strategies for fostering greater inclusivity. Through thought-provoking dialogue, the panelists will address key areas where improvements can be made, offering insights, solutions, and inspiration for a more inclusive future. Join us as we explore the challenges, share best practices, and work towards a future where Latinos are empowered, represented, and fully included in all aspects of American society.